What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work in 2022?

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In the technologically advanced world of today, email marketing benefits have found their way into a plethora of services. From social media to ads across sites, the market has expanded exponentially over the past decade. But in all these evolutions, how can we forget the true pioneer of digital marketing, i.e. email marketing?

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You must be thinking, wait, isn’t email marketing long dead? Well, that’s where you’re wrong, my friend. In fact, email marketing is a secret weapon that, if you utilize wisely, you can end up devising a top-notch marketing system for your business.

Don’t worry; in this beginner’s guide to email marketing, I will be taking you on a comprehensive journey to explain what is email marketing, how it works,  what some email marketing benefits are, and how you as a business owner can expand your audience through it. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what email marketing is and how it works. 

What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

So, what exactly is email marketing? To simply define it, email marketing is a mode of digital marketing that communicates to an audience through a sequence of email messages.

The messages themselves are informational and commercial in nature, and they inform the recipient of the product in a way that connects with them and piques their interest.

To further simplify it, you know those promotional emails you often get in your inbox from that site you once visited? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about. This sales channel is a hidden gem in the world of marketing and quite possibly one of the most viable channels.

But, what is email marketing and how does it work? Essentially, you will require potential customers who have signed up for a free lead magnet by subscribing to your mailing list with their consent. Yes, with consent.

So, relying on buying email lists will most probably tank your email marketing strategy as the people would rarely fit in your preferred niche.

Then you need to define the types of marketing emails you’re going for. They can be promotional, information-based, or even subliminally coerce the buying process. Here are a few of the most common types of marketing emails:

  • Promotional emails: These emails are usually a part of email marketing campaigns that promotes a new offer. This could be a new product release, a discounted offer, an ebook launch, and whatnot. They’re precise and to the point with a clear call to action. 
  •  Informational Emails: These emails are of two kinds. They can either be newsletters or announcements. A newsletter will share information related to your business and highlight key points about your services. It’s an opportunity to connect with your audience through your insights, thoughts, and tips. An announcement or broadcast email, on the other hand, informs your audience in terms of new releases and special changes that may occur in your services.

What Are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

The advantages are insane when it comes to email marketing. From confirmation of orders to promotional brochures, email marketing helps the business connect on a more personal level with its audience.

The number one benefit you have through email marketing is converting your audience to your clients on a more intimate level. Now, what does that mean?

It means small meaningful gestures that ensure your customer that they are valued. This could be birthday or anniversary discounts or a reminder of the products in their cart that they haven’t checked out yet.

Emails are one on one communication at their finest, and you can improve your brand awareness through this medium. Personalized marketing is way more impactful than general social media marketing.

This helps to create a connection between you and your audience beyond the surface level. This also helps to retain your client’s long-term, which assists with customer loyalty in the long run.

Moreover, the accessibility of the audience with emails is far more than social media. Every age group uses emails; in fact, to even sign up for these social media platforms, you need to have your email.

Therefore, an email-based clientele is far larger than any other, even in the less digitally savvy age groups. 

Not only that, an email marketing campaign is far more affordable for any business. You can get amazing pricing packages from different services which help you start off your email marketing at a range that is tailored for you.

Is Email Marketing Better Than Social Media?

By now, you must be wondering, if email marketing is better than social media. Well, that’s up for debate, but in my personal view, I think email marketing trumps the social media route by a margin.

How? Well, my opinion is based on certain facts and figures that I’m going to share with you so you can decide the best route for yourself. 

Let’s talk about numbers first. The email has 3 times the amount of users that you would find on Facebook and Twitter combined. To put it in numbers, nearly 3 billion people actively use email. Quantity vs. quality is a debate that prevails with marketing leads, and email wins over in each category.

With an extensive database of users and an intimate connection between the customer and the service, email marketing has shown to have 138% more sales in comparison to a simple social media campaign.

Email is the most personal medium but also the most formal one. Inherently, the emails filtered through your account will be more important than just any other message. This increases the importance of your service as a whole to the customer itself.

You can easily curate a newsletter that is personally addressed and customized according to the need of the user themselves which engages them in your promotional letter. The call-to-action buttons are simple and straightforward which directly increases the engagement value on your website or desired platform.

It is a transactional medium. The easy-to-read layout and simply induced links are what make the emails charming for the user. They simply have to click on the links which are directly embedded in the message itself.

However, if you were to notice an ad on Instagram, you would have to swipe up to their profile and then click on their website link. That seems like such a hassle to some, which is why email marketing works better in most cases.

What’s A Good Email Open Rate In 2022?

Open rates are a good way of telling whether or not your email marketing strategies are actually working.  The percentage shows the number of people that actually end up opening the emails you sent out and going through the emails. On average, this rate fluctuates between 20% and 22%.

So, what is a successful open rate? Well, you can get an estimate based on your niche and services. The highest open rate is usually for government-related emails with a whopping 28%, and then comes services that cater to specific hobbies at 27%, and a third-place, you will see spiritual and religiously based emails with an open rate of 26%.

As long as your open rate is around 20%, you’re on the right track, but that doesn’t mean you stop improving. You can improve with these quick and easy tips, and tricks that will compel people to open your mail, and your website will gain traction:

  • Make your subject title interesting. Nine out of ten times, the person receiving the mail would not like to click on an email that doesn’t entice them through the subject line. So, the subject line is your game changer. Make it interesting, and personalized, and leave them wanting to know more. The best way to do that is by addressing the customer by their name in the email subject along with a generalized rhetorical question based on your niche. 
  • If your audience is not specific to your specialty, the chances of the email not being opened are greater. Instead of buying random leads for emails, it’s best to integrate them on your site and introduce them through advertisements and other means. This will make the audience feel more connected to your content. 
  • Too many or too few campaigns can potentially ruin your open rate. Too many become mundane, while too few can make it seem unprofessional and non-serious on your behalf. Finding the right blend of frequency is up to you and your brand’s engagement entirely, so try analyzing the engagement analytics and define a moderate amount for yourself. 

Do I Need A Website For Email Marketing?

In the world of today, the internet has opened up a wide variety of platforms for you to grow your business. This means that the need for a specific site domain isn’t necessary anymore.

You can still grow your business by linking your primary platform to email messages. This can include Instagram pages, Etsy accounts, and even amazon seller pages. The possibilities are endless.

So, to answer your question, no, you do not need a separate website to make email marketing successful. If your services are available through other platforms, simply link them or direct the client to that platform itself.

What you need to focus on is your branding and actually compelling your user to visit and potentially buy from you. This can be done through proper branding and marketing only.

Therefore, whatever primary platform you are using, make sure that the impact is enough to convert them into potential customers for your brand.

You need to give something to your audience that they can look forward to and proceed to continue after you’ve convinced them with your initial email. So, it’s okay if you don’t have a website, just present your current platform in the best way possible.

How Many Email Subscribers Do You Need To Make Money?

Okay, but how many email subscribers do you need to make money? Unfortunately, this question does not have a simple and straightforward answer.

It all depends on variables that are specific to your brand and niche. However, while I can’t give a simple answer, I can help you analyze the factors that may be affecting your subscriber-to-client ratio. 

First off, you need to know that there is a possibility that you may have thousands of subscribers and no customers if your strategies are not being implemented in an effective manner.

So, if someone comes up to you and tries to tell you a fixed amount of followers that will get you money, they are simply misguiding you.

There are a few factors that will give you an estimate of how your mailing system is working out. The first one is your market. Now, you need to define and target the people that fit within your brand’s demographic.

For example, if you’re selling skateboards and the audience you’re mailing to is in their 50s, the chances of getting any sales are pretty slim.

So, build an audience that your services cater to specific and try to involve them in your process as much as you can. The second variable is the quality of the lead. This means that the location of the people you’re mailing to affects the sales as well.

If your brand is based in Germany and you sell premium goods, marketing it to third-tier countries such as Nigeria, Pakistan, India, etc., will not do you any good. The reason is the lack of purchasing power that the citizens of these countries have.

Instead, a Germany-based brand would perform better when targeting other European countries as they can take the risk of spending money on your product more willingly. So, defining your target demographic is the absolute key to maintaining a successful email marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the benefits of email marketing are and its works of it, you may be able to see why it’s a successful tactic when it comes to expanding your business. I thoroughly explained the process and how you can devise an excellent email marketing system for yourself. 

I hope that this information proved helpful for you, and you can now open up a new stream of marketing for you and your business. Good luck!

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