11 Of The Best Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing In 2022

what are the benefits of affiliate marketing

You’re here because you want to know what the benefits of affiliate marketing are.  You’re looking for answers to help you make up your mind about whether or not you should get into affiliate marketing.

Today, I will provide you with answers on the benefits and disadvantages, if any, of becoming a part of affiliate programs. What to look for in a potential company or sponsor, and a step-by-step on how affiliate marketing works.

On this website, I feature a select number of partners and companies that have products that could help my audience. When you purchase something through my partner links, I might get paid for the referral at no extra cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

Let me just say I know people who do affiliate marketing. Some make a good living at it; others use it as a secondary income for extra spending money.

Whatever the reason you have for thinking about getting into affiliate marketing, the very first thing you must understand is this is not a get rich overnight scheme.

Affiliate marketing will not make you rich without hard work and consistency. You have to stick to it and learn what works and what does not. It requires your time, your intellect, and your willingness to reverse engineer those who are making it work. 

What is affiliate marketing?

If you are here, you may already understand what affiliate marketing is, but for those who do not, let’s talk a couple of minutes about what it is. 

According to Investopedia, affiliate marketing is when a company or website pays a third-party publisher, that’s you, to drive leads or sales to their business or products. For that service, the company pays you a commission.

Which sounds great, but hold on, what percentage is the commission? How many other affiliates do they have? What are their rules regarding affiliate marketing?  

Another thing you must think about is how much is a website going to cost you?

Is there a niche in their company that you can make your site tie into the products they are offering? For example, if the business sells car parts, can you find a niche like fuel injection cleaning or customizing your car’s interior?

If you can’t find a place to fit in, people visiting your site will not click links to an auto parts company.

Now you get the idea. You can take the knowledge you have on a particular subject and find a niche for it with individual companies within that field.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing

There are several benefits to this type of marketing, including the following:

  • As an affiliate, you can make a secondary income from your work. 
  • You will not need to store products.
  • If you already have a website or blog, you will not need to invest any money.
  • There is no overhead for utilities, office space, personnel, etc. 
  • It works even when you are sleeping, on vacation when you’re sick; it is a 24/7 operation.
  • There is no financial risk to the affiliate.
  • Flexible hours.

Those are some of the benefits of being an affiliate. 

For the company using affiliates, the following benefits make sense. Those benefits are:

  • Lower cost on advertising; they only pay for the customers that purchase through the affiliate link.
  • More people see their products or brands.
  • It is a more narrow approach to a targeted audience. For example, the ABC widget is useful for detailing a car’s interior and suitable for cleaning specific areas of the home; one affiliate marketer advertises it for auto detailing, but another advertises it for home use. Each one is a particular audience. 
  • Lastly, it improves the company’s SEO because more people from other sites come to their site. 

Now you understand why companies like to use affiliates. 

The truth is, it is a mutual benefit to both parties. 

Are there disadvantages?

Honestly, the only disadvantage for an affiliate is their time. And if they do not already have a website or blog set up.

Setting up a website or blog host will be an initial investment, but you can find inexpensive hosts to start with and then, over time, move to better hosts.

How Much Do Beginner Affiliates Make?

Wondering how much beginner affiliates make?

That depends on several factors, to be honest. But, the potential is there to make a lucrative second income and for some to be able to have one spouse quit their job.

A beginner affiliate must manage expectations. You must understand that this is not a business you start today, and tomorrow you are making six figures. It takes time, years in fact, to build your affiliate business to the income you want.

Set realistic goals when starting. The first year set a goal of reaching $XX.00 a month consistently. Then, build up from there until you reach your goal.

Honestly, the sky is the limit as long as you are realistic about when you will achieve that goal, and you are willing to put in the work.

A truthful answer of how much an affiliate will make when starting out is anywhere from $1.00 to $20.00 within the first few months.

If you continue to post helpful and valuable content consistently, this can exponentially grow to $1000+ by the end of the first year.

That price range is based on you finding that niche you can work in and the determination to do the work of providing expert answers, reviews, and new content that people who come to your site want to see. 

What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners?

The best affiliate marketing program for beginners is one that fits with your blog or site, which means that if your site is about raising kids, why would you be advertising auto parts. 

I am not going to provide you with the names of affiliate programs here, but I am going to tell you how to choose the best ones for you and what to look for in an affiliate program. 

Choosing the right affiliate program for you

When it comes to choosing the right affiliate program, you need to look at more than commissions. 

Things to look for include:

 Do not go for the highest paying commissions.

  • Look for products that fit your site; for example, your auto site will do better with automotive parts instead of diapers or flowers. 
  • The program’s ease of use. 
  • The number of products or merchants.
  • Do the merchants have niche sections, also known as verticals.
  • How do they pay, once a month, once a quarter; so you want to see what their payout time is; must you earn a certain amount of $50.00 or $500.00 before they pay you.

If you choose your affiliate program following those tips, you will choose the one that is right for you.

The one that fits your blog or site and provides a stream of income for your advertising the company or product is the one that will do the best. ShareASale is a very popular affiliate network with a wide variety of companies to choose one.

How Many Affiliate Programs Should I Join?

One stream of income is good; multiple streams of income are better; however, in affiliate marketing, that may not be the case.

Here’s why the companies may not want you to become an affiliate with other companies they feel are their competitors.

After all, their objective is to get business to their site.

However, if you have more than one site or blog in different niches, then yes, more than one or two up to even three would be acceptable.

Again, check with the affiliate program and explain the sites’ differences to see if they will allow you to join more than one.

For example, you have knowledge about the field you work in, a hobby you love, but you are also passionate about something that is entirely different than the previous two. 

You could have a different site or blog for each of those; your field of work is automotive, your hobby is woodworking, but you’re passionate about education. It would not make sense to mix all three of those in one site.

As a general rule, three is the limit. Why? How much quality time can you spend on each site and subject with three or even more than three?

Remember, you have to add new stuff to keep your readers coming back continually. Your readers are the target audience of the products or companies with whom you are the affiliate.

It is actually better to build income through reputation with one or two sites than to make a half dozen or more.

Stick with what you know and do it well. The people you influence, your readers, will continue to come back and trust your recommendations for products or brands.

Honesty is best; if you test a product that doesn’t work, make your readers aware of that. But, first, find another product that will work to recommend. 

Final Thoughts

I hope that you now have a better understanding of affiliate marketing. That you have learned what affiliate marketing is and what the benefits are.

You also have discovered how much a beginner affiliate can look to make, how to find the right affiliate program for you, and how many programs to join at one time.

Remember, it is about niches creating an income that can be a secondary income or allow you or a spouse to quit their job to do affiliate marketing full time.