StClair J. Grosvenor is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and former corporate zombie that endured years of feeling unfulfilled and frustrated with the monotonous grind of everyday life before venturing out on his own to discover and fully realize his life’s purpose and true potential.

Today, in addition to being a self-publishing author and the founder of an eCommerce marketing agency, he is also the creator and owner of

StClair currently resides in Southern Florida, has a beautiful teenage daughter, and enjoys being near the beach and listening to podcasts.”

Next Up Wealth was created to share what he has learned over the past 7 years doing this “entrepreneur thing” as most people view it that aren’t in our space. I want to provide as much value as possible to my audience, and he invites everyone and anyone to come along on this journey with him and continue to grow together to become “WEALTHY”….in knowledge, health, finance, and relationships! Here’s to all of us living our best life! Cheers!